NEET PG, MDS Counselling 2020: MCC releases Round 2 results, reporting instructions

The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has released the final result of Round 2 NEET PG and NEET MDS counselling. Candidate can download allotment letter and proceed for reporting. All the candidates who participated in ROund 2 counselling can view the results attached below:

To view the result, click on the below-mentioned concerned subjects:

All the candidates who participated in ROund 2 counselling can view the results attached below :  To view the result, click on the below-mentioned concerned subjects:

Accordingly, the MCC/MoHFW took a very sympathetic view in this regard and has issued following instructions for colleges and candidates to facilitate in reporting physically :

  • The candidates who have been upgraded in Round-2 will be relieved from the earlier college from the back end and they can report directly to the allotted college of Round-2. They need not go physically to earlier Round-1 allotted college. The checkbox of relieving will be deactivated for colleges.
  • The candidates who participated in Round-2 but could not get upgraded for Round-1 seat can Exit from their seat of Round-1 without forfeiture of Security Deposit from 16th June till 06:00 PM of 18th June, 2020.Such candidates can resign their seat in an online mode by informing the college through email.
  • The colleges have to report the surrender of seat of such candidates online on intramcc portal and generate Seat Surrender Receipt which should be mailed to the candidate. In this way, the surrendered seats will come back to system for reversion to states in case of All India Quota and allotment in Mop Up Round in case of Deemed & Central Universities. To facilitate online surrender/ resignation of Non-upgraded candidates, the colleges can upload contact details of Nodal Officers and email Ids on their respective websites.
  • Keeping in view, the lockdown situations in various states, the Physical Reporting of Round 1 and Round-2 candidates has been extended till 30th June, 2020.
  • The Allotment Letter will be considered as e Pass/ Curfew pass to facilitate candidates along with one parent / attendant during travel for the purpose of reporting to allotted college.
  • 6. A D.O Letter from Secretary (H), MoHFW has been sent to all Chief Secretaries of all States and UT’s to facilitate the candidate’s travel to the allotted college.
  • 7. The candidates of Round-1 & 2 who report physically may be allowed to join their duties in respective departments directly in consultation with their college administrative authorities.

To view the official notice on instructions, click here

Cutoff Analysis of Round 2 Results MCC :–

Deemed University Cutoff 2020 Round 2
Course R1 2020 R2 2020
MNG GN Neurosurgery 11913 11913
MNG GN Nuclear Medicine 19626 21352
MNG GN Family Medicine 31722 31722
MNG GN Traumatology & Surgery 30582 37066
MNG GN Geriatrics 26431 37790
MNG GN PMR 38253 38253
MNG GN DPM (Psychiatry) 37366 46076
MNG GN DO 43868 52685
MNG GN Dermatology 39586 57423
MNG GN Emergency Medicine 44607 60024
MNG GN Radio Diagnosis 47142 61332
MNG GN Hospital Administration 56348 63688
MNG GN Paediatrics 54457 68798
MNG GN Radio Therapy 43438 69775
MNG GN General Medicine 53252 71263
MNG GN TB & Chest Diseases 60730 73499
MNG GN Community Health & Admin 69841 76436
MNG GN Ophthalmology 56699 76985
MNG GN Obstetrics and Gynaecology 61135 78733
MNG GN Physiology 79649 79339
MNG GN Sports Medicine 55819 81190
MNG GN IHBT 65951 85765
MNG GN Biochemistry 92361 88307
MNG GN Psychiatric Medicine 70174 91143
MNG GN ENT 69306 91945
MNG GN Anatomy 79142 92361
MNG GN Pharmacology 95322 92516
MNG GN Orthopaedics 70403 94342
MNG GN Forensic Medicine 95486 95164
MNG GN Microbiology 95216 95216
MNG GN Pathology 96157 95578
MNG GN General Surgery 76321 96141
MNG GN SPM 95745 96264
MNG GN Anaesthesiology 77295 96446
NRI GN ENT 60323 60323
NRI GN Neurosurgery 60731 60731
NRI GN DO 61117 61117
NRI GN Pathology 76460 67398
NRI GN Anaesthesiology 79496 79496
NRI GN TB & Chest Diseases 48796 79833
NRI GN General Surgery 81198 81198
NRI GN Sports Medicine 85577 85577
NRI GN Ophthalmology 91936 91936
NRI GN Orthopaedics 92433 92433
NRI GN Radio Diagnosis 89909 93741
NRI GN General Medicine 94005 94005
NRI GN Obstetrics and Gynaecology 79798 94647
NRI GN Paediatrics 84830 94809
NRI GN Dermatology 95121 95121

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