Mopup Round Eligibility ALL INDIA LEVEL BY MCC


  • For du, amu, bhu QUOTA only mbbs from respective univs eligible(subject to criteria for them). this is internal quota, and aiq vacant seats after all india round 2 would b converted to internal quota. hence this eligiblity is limited to institute mbbs candidates.
  • Last year ip univ mop up was conducted offline by ip univ, and mbbs from ip univ institutes only were eligible. This year it may be online conducted by mcc. Eligiblity may still remain similar to last year (ip univ mbbs only) since all aiq vacant seats after ai round 2 can be exepcted to be converted to internal quota(ip).
  • CIP Ranchi and other central institutes which contribute 100% to aiq – Conducted mop up last year at institute level check institute level eligibililty criteria. Should be ideally aiq based eligiblity as there is no institutional quota in these institutes. (Also check lokpriya gopinath Assam on how they allot vacant seats if any).
  • The RIMS notification has created some confusion on how RIMS aiq vacant seats after round 2 would be allotted. Wait for seat matrix and notifications from mcc on this. Edited: RIMS vacant seats counseling will be conducted by institute as per RIms state/domicile criteria as per mcc notice dated 10.07.2020
  • The simplest method to identify if you are eligible for a seat is from the seat matrix, in the absence of any notifications. If seat matrix mentions 5.1) DU,AMU,BHU,IP against seats then only respective institute mbbs are eligible.
    a) MNG – deemed seats – all are eligible except ai r2 joined(either through existing regn or frehs regn)
    b) NRI- nri seats under deemed. Those who have registered as nri
    c) (only if) Any other term used under QUOTA in the seat matrix – then wait for notification or clarity to check whether you are eligible.

Stray vacancy
Stray is at institute level for du, bhu, amu and ip univ

Accordingly Last year

  • For amu and du, only institute mbbs candidates who were eligible for mop up and did not get allotted were eligible for stray.
  • For bhu, two sets were eligible
  • bhu mbbs who were eligible for mop up and did not get allotted in mop up
  • aiq registered candidates except ai r2 allotted were eligible. Ai r2 allotted and not joined were not eligible. Ai r2 allotted and joined are anyways not eligible.
  • For ip univ, for final stray vacancy round conducted on 30.95.2019 last year, all candidates were allowed. This year stray eligiblity for ip univ – we have to wait for information as mop up is expected to be conducted by mcc.
  • Prior to 2019, DU had allowed all india based eligiblity for any seats vacant for extended stray (happens on the last day of admissions, mostly for left over non clinicals). But this is only if seats are available, and only for very very minimal seats

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