Every year, thousands of Indian Medical students face the prime concern of getting admission in a good medical institution for higher studies. Few students manage to clear the entrance tests for government universities while others keep looking for options in private universities. Most of the students cannot afford the high donation the private universities ask for. In such circumstances come the foreign medical universities to the salvage of Indian medical students. Many universities in different countries are offering MBBS and other medical programs at an affordable price, which is certainly not the case in Indian universities.

Nowadays, many countries offer high-quality medical education at very affordable prices. The students from various countries including India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh etc are willing to study MBBS in foreign countries. Amongst the top picks, come the countries like Russia, Ukraine, Germany and many such countries. The medical universities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and many other countries follow the international curriculum. The universities in these countries are approved by the major organizations like WHO and enlisted with MCI.

Nowadays, students not only look for affordable medical education but also the quality of education provided in medical colleges abroad. The process of admission in MBBS in medical universities abroad is very simple and hassle-free. In such destinations, there is no need to clear any entrance examination like TOEFL and IELTS.

After completing the above process, the medical students can appear for NEET for PG (Entrance test for PG leading to MD / MS). The completion of the above steps after completion of MBBS abroad, entitles a student to appear for the PG program in India.

Road map to study MBBS in Abroad / overseas countries.

There are 2 types with respect to MBBS course duration when you wish to study MBBS in abroad.

  • 5 Years abroad and Internship in India.
  • 6 Years abroad with mandatory internship abroad.

In case you choose the former 5 year program, you tend to save 1 year as well as around Rs. 4-5 Lacs since you do not need to pay the fees to your university for the 6th year. Generally 75% of the programs to study MBBS in abroad are with 6 years.

You must understand that once you complete the course of overseas MBBS in a MCI approved university, you need to complete 3 more steps.

  •  Clear MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam /NECT Exam .
  •  Complete 1 year of internship in India.
  •  Registration process with MCI as a medical practitioner.

Why Study MBBS Abroad in 2020?

Studying MBBS in Abroad might be a dream of some students. Moreover, MBBS is not only a dream of the students but also a dream of their parents too. Doing MBBS Course in Abroad gives you international exposure. Nowadays MBBS Study in Abroad is becoming very popular among the students because it has some advantages. They are discussed below:

  • Low cost of fees.
  • Dynamic Culture.
  • Great Infrastructure.
  • MCI Recognition.
  • Highly-paid salary.
  • No Donation.
  • International Exposure.
  • Availability of Indian food.
  • High education standards.
  • Worldwide acceptance.
  • Worldwide Acceptance

The students who are studying MBBS from abroad universities or colleges get worldwide acceptance of their degree. All the top medical colleges have a medium of instruction as English which again accepted worldwide.

Usually, all the top-notch universities provide English as well as local language which serves as a medium of instruction.

Benefits to study / admission in MBBS Abroad / Overseas MBBS.

Studying abroad lets you learn about other cultures, make new friends, and develop tangible career benefits. Study abroad is the optimal way to learn a language. There is no better and more effective way to learn a language than to be immersed in a culture that speaks the language you are learning. You’re surrounded by the language on a daily basis and are seeing and hearing it in the proper cultural context. Language learning happens most quickly under these circumstances You can develop real competitive advantages over students who never venture abroad to study, including

  • MCI approved medical colleges / universities.
  • The universities approved by MCI are the local government universities in respective countries.
  • No entrance exam. Admission based on 12th standard PCB marks.
  • Guaranteed and Direct admission system.
  • Absolutely no donation / capitation fees.
  • Study MBBS abroad scholarship available with select few Universities such as MBBS in USA.
  • Very low cost starting from Rs. 1.35 Lacs per year right up to Rs. 5.00 Lacs of tuition fees.
  • Living cost in many countries almost matching that of Indian cost.
  • PG courses after MBBS abroad are also available with us for students studying MBBS in Europe.
  • However, the major disadvantage of choosing the MBBS abroad program till 2020 is that all the students need to clear FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test conducted by NBE.
  • Improved foreign language skills
  • A more cosmopolitan, international perspective.
  • Greater tolerance for other opinions.
  • Ability to think more originally and to see more than one perspective on an issue.
  • Greater self-reliance and self-confidence.
  • More comfort with complex situations, the ability to better cope with ambiguous information, and greater flexibility.
  • Enables to Learn State of Art Technology
  • Quality Education at Affordable Price

Eligibility of MBBS Abroad in 2020

  • The candidates who want to study MBBS in Abroad should have the basic qualification required for taking admission in any university or college.
  • The candidate should be 18 years old on or before the time of admission.
  • The candidate should pass class 12 with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology from a recognized board i.e. ICSE, CBSE, and other State Boards.
  • The candidates should attain 50% in PCB i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  • The candidates must appear and qualify in NEET 2020 which is conducted by NTA. The minimum passing marks for general category candidates is 134 and ST/SC/OBC category candidates are 107.

Degree: MBBS / MD

  • Duration of Course: 5 – 6 years
  • Eligibility: 50% in PCB and NEET qualified
  • The medium of Teaching: English
  • Recognition: MCI and WHO


International experience benefits those seeking careers in almost any field. In fact, employers recognize skills that are acquired overseas. Study abroad identifies you as informed, confident, self-sufficient, and able to learn quickly and adapt to changing conditions. Cite your studies abroad on your résumé. In job interviews, you can discuss how your overseas experience made you more independent, responsible, organized, and innovative.

Study abroad will help you develop skills and give you experiences a classroom sitting will never provide. Being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting is scary at first, but it’s also exciting. It’s an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems. You will encounter situations that are wholly unfamiliar to you and will learn to adapt and respond in effective ways.

Top Countries for Indian Students to Study at Low Cost in 2020

Select Countries Based on Your Budget – Before planning to study MBBS in Abroad the students must know certain things about the cost expenses and other expenses too. If the students want to have quality education under a low budget then they may select the countries accordingly such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines, etc. If there is no issue of budget then the students may select the countries like USA, UK, and Canada, etc.
The students who want to pursue MBBS in India didn’t get a medical seat in India in a low budget. Then there is an opportunity to get admission to Abroad Universities or Colleges in a low budget.

Your Budget Suggested Country Option
12-15 Lacs Kyrgyzstan
15-18 Lacs Russia (Bilingual university), Kazakhstan
18-28 Lacs Russia (English Medium University)
28-32 Lacs Ukraine
32-45 Lacs Russia, Georgia
45-50 Lacs China
50 to 60 Lacs Poland
60 to 90 Lacs Caribbean ( Promoted as an MBBS in the USA )
90 Lac to 1.2 Crore Private Medical University in India

Useful Tips : to Study MBBS from Abroad

NEET Admission Consultants has sent several students to Study MBBS from Abroad to Countries  like Philippines, Georgia, Mauritius, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kryghshtan, Jamaica, USA, Australia, Armenia, Lithuania, Germany. All these Universities are MCI & WHO recognized and having Cheap/Economical/Low Cost Fee Structure.

Here weare providing you some very important and useful tips which will help in selecting the best medical college and country to pursue MBBS from Abroad. Let first  select the important points :-

  • Is it recognized by MCI ?
  • Is it listed in WHO ?
  • How old is the University ? In which Year medical College was established !
  • What’s the Ranking of the Medical College ?
  • Is it Government or private University ?
  • Does University is having own Hospital ?
  • What is the University tuition fee ? Is it payable in Installments !
  • Country living expenses, food charges etc. Are you able to afford that ?
  • International students studying in the University ? Since When !
  • Any Representative in India ?
  • Indian Food, Rooms, Hostel available nearby University ?
  • Availability of Indian Food
  • What is the medium of education ? Is it in English or not ?
  • What is the duration of the course ?
  • What are the documents required at the time of admission ?
  • What are the University eligibility criteria ? Do you fit in their eligibility criteria ?
  • How long does it take to get visa for that country ?
  • What are the documents required for visa procedure ?
  • How much is the flying duration of your destination from your country?
  • What is the Cost of Air Ticket throughout the Year ?
  • What is the culture & lifestyle of that country ?
  • Be mentally prepared to survive & live in their culture.
  • Check the national language of the country you are planning to move.
  • How is the climate of the country to Study MBBS Abroad ?
  • What is the average temperature of the country during winter & summer ?
  • What is the crime rate of the country or how safe is the country especially for girls for deciding MBBS from Abroad ?

MBBS Abroad Cost for Indian Students in 2020

As most of the students are suffering from the financial crisis. So, students cannot pay high donation fees demanded in private medical colleges. There are approximately 10,000 medical aspirants who want to study medicine. MBBS in abroad considered to be a great option as it has budget-friendly MCI approved universities. As we know MBBS education is quite expensive in India or Abroad. So, the students must invest their money wisely and choose the best medical college or universities abroad. Your budget in a foreign university consist of the following:

  • Tuition Fees for the MBBS course
  • Hostel/private accommodation for the entire study period.
  • Food & Living cost for complete course (Self Cooking or Mess)
  • Other Expenses like insurance, Visa Extension, TRC Card, and Local Documentation.

Required Documents for MCI Eligibility

Before taking admission to MBBS in any university of abroad, Indian students need to have these documents ready. Some countries also need these documents to be translated in their national languages. Ex. Ukraine, Poland.

  • 10th mark sheet
  • 11th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • 4 color photos
  • Admission letter
  • Caste certificate ( if required)
  • Medical certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • HIV report negative
  • Health insurance
  • Students visa
  • Valid passport with minimum of one year validity
  • NEET score card
  • IELTS/TOEFL score cards if necessary.

Selection of Country to Study Medicine in Abroad

Once you have decided the best MBBS abroad education consultant. Now it’s time to choose which country will be best for you.There are many important factors for selection of the country such as:

  • Decide your total budget to study MBBS in abroad.
  • Currently, the number of Indians students studying MBBS in that particular country.
  • Weather conditions during winter.
  • Language learning requirements.
  • Whether medical universities providing the full course in English or it is Bilingual.
  • Safety aspect while studying MBBS abroad for Indian students.
  • Population in the city for higher patients flow.
  • Cost of living in the country while studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students.

Choose your MBBS Abroad consultant wisely.

MBBS Abroad Consultant MBBS Admission Agent
MBBS Abroad Consultant creates for you a complete career road
An agent would talk only about admission.
Education Consultant for MBBS in Abroad has visited the universities. An agent is just talking based on his experience.
Consultant arranging admission for MBBS Abroad would give
multiple country options.
An agent would push you for a specific university.
MBBS in Abroad Consultant has a wide information on website. An agent has a very unprofessional presence.
Consultant to study MBBS in Abroad would not take any advance. An agent would ask for an advance for his services.
Overseas MBBS Consultant may offer NEXT coaching. MBBS admission Agent will never offer this option.

Admission Process Pre Departure Cost:-

NEET ADMISSION CONSULTANTS charges different costs for different countries also, you would always find it transparently mentioned in the form of Registration Form. Generally, following costs comes towards pre-departure component to be paid to NEET ADMISSION CONSULTANTS, your best MBBS abroad education consultants in Mumbai.

Cost Parameter Approx amount Schedule of Payments
University Application Fees USD $200-300 On reserving the seat
Providing Counseling & Admission Rs 50K-100K On receipt of admission letter
Providing Invitation letter Rs 50K-100K On receipt of invitation letter
Travel Package Rs 65K-75K On Visa application
Others /Optional 
Under aged Student -Below 18 RS 15K On Visa application
Apostil, MEA stamp, Notary RS 25k Only in Russia
NEXT – Madarsi 3D Program Rs 65K-75K/yr On Subscrbing Program

Remember that the GST is extra @ 18% . Accordingly, depending on the country of application the total cost would vary between Rs 175,000 to Rs 300,000. These are pre-departure costs. This is apart from the first year fees payable directly to the overseas medical college / University.

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